Hemodynamic Testing

MIST is proud to use the most accurate and easy to use testing equipment.  Developed by an Israeli Cardiologist, the Non Invasive Cardiac System (NICaS) from New NI Medical is FDA approved and granted to be "statistically equivalent" to the Gold Standard of hermodynamic measurement, an invasive procedure called the Swann-Ganz Catheter,  A sensor pad is attached to each of the patient's wrists or wrist and opposite ankle and the sensors are attacjed to the NICaS monitor installed in a laptop computer. The test takes about 5 minutes and provides the physician information about your heart's ability to deliver blood to the rest of your body, the force your heart has to pump against with each heartbeat, and the amount of fluid in your body. 
The ICG test tells the doctor:
  1.  the heart's output in milliliters over 60 seconds (how hard the heart is working)
  2.  the resistance factor to the flow of blood (whether arteries are too tight or too loose)
  3. The mean arterial pressure (another way of expressing blood pressure)

This information provides better guidance (more data) for the Doctor to identify proper medications based upon the individual patient's perrsonal hemodynamic profile

More information regarding impedance cardiography and the NICaS monitor may be found at http://www.nimedical.co.il/